Spring Term 2023 - Welcome videos from your child's class teacher

On this page:

  • Curriculum Statement (What our curriculum is all about)

  • Aims and Principles (The key outcomes we look to support every child to achieve)

  • Specific subject areas and the role they play in helping us realise our vision

  • Curriculum overviews and meet the teacher videos (All parents need to know about the year ahead)

Curriculum Statement

Our vision is life in all its fullness; for all our children, their families and the whole staff team. This Christian vision is at the heart of everything we do and it inspires us to focus on what is most important – preparing all children to flourish both now and later in life. Our children join us as infants – predominantly from our linked school Hampton Wick Infant and Nursery School – and leave us as seniors. Along the way, our curriculum gives them every opportunity to explore who they are; their passions, interests and aspirations.

We believe we provide our children with an excellent start to life; giving them the skills and confidence to flourish both now and in the future. We have high expectations of all our children and are continually striving to be the best we can be. We live out our vision in the everyday through our core school values of: Growth, Kindness, Integrity, Creativity and Joy.

We organise our curriculum to promote learning, personal growth and development. Our curriculum embodies our vision by developing key life skills in our children; taking into account our individual school context. It includes not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but also what the children learn from the way they are treated and expected to behave. We have adapted and broadened the National Curriculum to meet the particular needs of our pupils and families and are confident it is a curriculum designed to work for all in our community.

Aims and Principles

Based on who our children are and what they come to us with, our school curriculum is designed to support the children to develop the following skills:

  • Resilience: High quality teaching and providing depth of challenge is fundamental but so are the attitudes and behaviours pupils bring to learning. Our curriculum enables children to understand what effective learning is, understand themselves as learners and develop their capacity to make the most of learning in school. Linked to the school values of: Growth and Joy

  • Empathy: Our children need to learn how to live and work positively in the context of difference. We aim to go deeper with charity and world issues. We teach our children to be culturally competent people, with a mature self-identity, as well as understanding for others. Linked to the school values of: Kindness and Integrity

  • Aspiration: We want our pupils to learn about a broad range of possibilities in their lives, so they can aspire with purpose and ambition. Pupils need opportunity to develop lines of personal interest and expertise. We provide a broad, coherent and structured curriculum, that aims at mastery for all. Linked to the school value of: Growth

  • Respect: Treating others with respect and accepting the different opinions and beliefs of others is a crucial life skill which we teach explicitly. Our high expectations for behaviour include the way in which pupils communicate and treat each other so that they can navigate the world beyond primary school and contribute to positive change in society. Linked to the school values of: Kindness, Integrity and Joy

  • Responsibility: We recognise that our pupils have or will have significant online lives and strive to prepare them to be responsible online citizens. Our curriculum encourages pupils to take a responsible role as online citizens in the wider world including through how they communicate and how they source and respond to digital content. Linked to the school values of: Kindness and Integrity

  • Nurture: Wellbeing, in terms of both physical and mental health, is essential for effective engagement with school and wider life. Our pupils need to feel secure in themselves and their environment to learn. They need to believe in themselves as successful people and aim high in order to make great progress. All children need a nurturing environment and for many this needs to be school. Linked to the school value of: Joy and Creativity

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Specific subject areas and the role they play in realising our vision

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Curriculum overviews and 'Meet the Teachers' videos

We are pleased to share a video from each of the year group teams which summarises the key information for your child's year group. We hope it serves as a good introduction to the year ahead and to your child's teacher during this time where we are still that bit less connected than we might otherwise normally be. The powerpoint that the teachers talk through is also included below if you would rather just click through it instead of watch the video.

The buttons below will take you to the relevant meet the teacher video

Presentations - If you do not have time to watch the video, you can just browse the powerpoint below (we will get a picture of Ms Mavale soon!)

Year 3 Meet the Teachers 2022-23.pdf
Year 4 Meet the Teachers 2022-23.pdf
Year 5 Meet the Teachers 2022-23.pdf
Year 6 Meet the Teachers 2022-23.pdf

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum, please get in touch with the school office who will direct your query to the relevant member of staff. The more detail you include in your message, the more likely it will find its way to the best person to deal with it.