Additional funding - Are you eligible?

Pupil Premium Grant for Families Entitled to Income Based Free School Meals

Although all school meals are free to junior school aged children this academic year (until July 2024), if you were previously entitled to Income Based Free School Meals, or think you might now be eligible, the school receives additional funding through the Pupil Premium Grant.

This is intended to help us to provide additional support to your child in school, as well as in a number of other ways, such as free or reduced cost clubs and school trips, and other individual ways.  

This is critical funding for the school and ensures your child receives the additional support that is available to them, but it is not automatic and has to be registered on the school system by October 2023 to be counted.

If you are entitled, it also means that you will still be entitled to Free School Meals until at least 31st March 2025, even if the London Free Meal offer is not extended after July 2024 and even if your own circumstances change at home.

You are eligible if you receive one of the following benefits:

If you have any of the above, please use this form, which will ask you to provide the following details:

The school office team will then be able to check your eligibility before the end of September and ensure you are on the school system in time for school census in October.