Fundraising & Community Events


PTA event planning

We are all in the PTA - as parents and as staff members, we are all part of this community and the events and experiences we put on.

Ask: Our current focus is our summer festival. Once on the other side, we will share a form for you to express an interest in being more involved in the leadership of our PTA.

help at pta events

If you don't have capacity to lead events, but could lend a hand, you will make such a difference to the success of the event.

Ask: Our next big event is SJB Fest '23 on Saturday 17th June - 2pm-6pm. If you could lend a hand for an hour or so, please let us know here and we'll be in touch.

lead a smaller pta activity

There are many smaller activites that are a lovely addition to our bigger events. Christmas cards and the Easter raffle are two examples.

Ask: Again, after the summer festival, if you would be up for owning and coordinating a smaller activity later in the year, we will reach out to you and one of the PTA leaders will be in touch to discuss it with you.

i've got a fundraising idea

Everything we do has come from an original thought (whether brand new or borrowed from another school!). If you have an idea or hear of anything interesting, please share!

Ask: Let us know here and one of the team will be in touch within 2 weeks

our events


The PTA are looking forward to welcoming your children to the very popular Kids' Disco this Friday – 26 January. It's a great fun evening for the children whilst raising valuable funds for the school, so thank you in advance for your support - information and tickets are available here!

Impact of helping with fundraising & community events: We will be able to hold brilliant and varied events, asking less of those involved by sharing the load, raising money and having a great time as a community.