Recognising 'honourable and unselfish conduct' for over 120 years

We value our school’s long history, part of which is celebrated in memory of former pupil, Malcolm Lugard Craigie, and his ‘honourable and unselfish conduct’ toward others – something we all aim for at St. John’s.

Who was Malcolm Lugard Craigie?

Malcolm Lugard Craigie grew up in Hampton Wick and went on the serve as a soldier in the Boer War. It was there that he gave his life in protecting his commanding officer from gunfire, and it is this 'honourable and unselfish conduct', and the exceptional bravery it takes to stand up for those who need it most even when others don't, that forms the pinnacle of the children's journey through St John's. Life in all its fullness is for all and we want our children to go on to be people who make a positive difference to the lives of those around them. The values of the Craigie Award are in keeping with this unswerving vision of our school.

How are the children selected?

The outgoing Year 6 children vote for the two children who they believe most deserve to be recognised for this award; and they get it right every year. The children take this responsibility seriously and, whilst so many of our graduates deserve recognition for exemplary behaviour and standards of personal conduct, the children always seem to vote for those who really do stand out in this way.

Craigie Award Winners 2023: Sam and Eliza

This boy is a true all-rounder, whose unwavering integrity, remarkable kindness and infectious joy is evident to all. It is no wonder that his peers have recognised and rewarded him with their votes this year. He is always considering the needs of others before his own and seeking ways to encourage and build up those around him. He is patient and gracious whilst maintaining  a wonderful sense of humour and wit in all situations. His dedication to his learning has been inspiring to those around him and the consistent progress he has made across the curriculum over the course of his St John’s career has been impressive to witness. His sportsmanship and maturity has been evident both on and off the field and we are certain he will continue to enthuse and encourage each individual he comes into contact with in the future. The Craigie award for honourable and unselfish conduct was awarded to the wonderful Sam.

It is no surprise that this girl has been recognised by the rest of Year 6 for being deserving of this award. She is a shining example of what it really means to demonstrate all of our school values. This girl has been an exemplary leader on the sporting pitch and a fair and encouraging team mate. In class, her quiet confidence and willingness to help others has not gone unnoticed. She is always setting a positive example to those around her in the way she engages with her learning, offering thoughtful contributions and working well independently and with others. This girl is known for being a loyal and fun-loving friend who is well-liked by all. She shows maturity and gentleness at all times and can be consistently relied on to do the right thing in every situation. The Craigie Award was awarded to the very deserving Eliza.