Recognising 'honourable and unselfish conduct' for over 120 years

We value our school’s long history, part of which is celebrated in memory of former pupil, Malcolm Lugard Craigie, and his ‘honourable and unselfish conduct’ toward others – something we all aim for at St. John’s.

Who was Malcolm Lugard Craigie?

Malcolm Lugard Craigie grew up in Hampton Wick and went on the serve as a soldier in the Boer War. It was there that he gave his life in protecting his commanding officer from gunfire, and it is this 'honourable and unselfish conduct', and the exceptional bravery it takes to stand up for those who need it most even when others don't, that forms the pinnacle of the children's journey through St John's. Life in all its fullness is for all and we want our children to go on to be people who make a positive difference to the lives of those around them. The values of the Craigie Award are in keeping with this unswerving vision of our school.

How are the children selected?

The outgoing Year 6 children vote for the two children who they believe most deserve to be recognised for this award; and they get it right every year. The children take this responsibility seriously and, whilst so many of our graduates deserve recognition for exemplary behaviour and standards of personal conduct, the children always seem to vote for those who really do stand out in this way.

Craigie Award Winners 2021: Oscar and Ava

This award for honorable and unselfish conduct is so thoroughly deserved by this winner that it is hard to describe him in only a few words! This boy utterly encapsulates the values that we regard so highly. Unfailingly kind, he always makes sure to consider other people’s feelings and will go out of his way to make someone else’s life just that little bit better. He shows integrity in everything he does with his honesty, compassion and resilience and his work ethic, even when he finds things tricky, is extraordinary. With his joyful attitude and his determination to grow, I know that this boy will be remembered at St John’s not because his name is on the wall but because he has had such a positive impact on everyone who has had the pleasure of getting to know him. Congratulations to the outstanding Oscar.

Whilst I am sure that this unassuming young person will be surprised to be the recipient of the award, I cannot think of a more deserving girl to receive it. I am delighted that her peers have recognised her in this way. With her sunny disposition and constant smile, she radiates such eagerness and enthusiasm in the classroom and playground and makes a really positive difference to those around her. Kind, considerate and caring, she always puts others first and goes out of her way to be incredibly helpful and responsible. Genuinely modest about all her wonderful qualities, she has earned the respect and admiration of her peers and staff alike, building and growing in her confidence and leadership skills to become the very impressive 12 year old she is today. This year’s Craigie Award goes to the marvellous Ava.