Recognising 'honourable and unselfish conduct' for over 120 years

We value our school’s long history, part of which is celebrated in memory of former pupil, Malcolm Lugard Craigie, and his ‘honourable and unselfish conduct’ toward others – something we all aim for at St. John’s.

Who was Malcolm Lugard Craigie?

Malcolm Lugard Craigie grew up in Hampton Wick and went on the serve as a soldier in the Boer War. It was there that he gave his life in protecting his commanding officer from gunfire, and it is this 'honourable and unselfish conduct', and the exceptional bravery it takes to stand up for those who need it most even when others don't, that forms the pinnacle of the children's journey through St John's. Life in all its fullness is for all and we want our children to go on to be people who make a positive difference to the lives of those around them. The values of the Craigie Award are in keeping with this unswerving vision of our school.

How are the children selected?

The outgoing Year 6 children vote for the two children who they believe most deserve to be recognised for this award; and they get it right every year. The children take this responsibility seriously and, whilst so many of our graduates deserve recognition for exemplary behaviour and standards of personal conduct, the children always seem to vote for those who really do stand out in this way.

Craigie Award Winners 2021: Alec and Polly

If this boy’s positivity, cheeriness and zest for life could be bottled, we would all want to buy it! It is no wonder that his peers have recognised and rewarded him with their votes this year. Unfailingly selfless, he is always thinking of others before himself and goes out of his way to ensure everyone is included and their voice heard. In terms of helping and supporting his classmates, he is second to none! Indeed on our Year 6 residential trip, many of his peers and his teacher would never have been able to scale the - quite literal! - heights they achieved, without him willing them on with his cheers and encouragement from below. Always smiling and lightening up everyone’s day, we could not think of a more thoroughly deserving winner of this award. The Craigie Award for honourable and unselfish conduct goes to the brilliant…Alec!

This winner of the honourable and unselfish conduct award will be a surprise to noone but herself. She is, quite simply, a ray of sunshine in any room she is in. She is quiet and unassuming and yet will happily be a friend or helping hand to anyone who needs it without them having to ask. She completely encapsulates what our school is all about in the way she shows the school values consistently and incredibly; her quiet integrity is exactly why she won’t expect to win this award and her kindness is exactly why she has. She is creative in her work, which helps her with her determination to grow and learn along the way and her smile certainly brings me joy every day. I am thrilled that her peers have noticed these qualities in her, she deserves it so incredibly thoroughly and I know that St John’s won’t quite be the same without a role model like her around next year. The Craigie award for honourable and unselfish conduct goes to the outstanding Polly.