Attendance and Punctuality

It is a parent or carer's legal responsibility to ensure that a child attends school and that the school is properly informed of the reason for any break in attendance.

Our full Attendance Policy can be found on the Policies page here

Covid-19 Update

In the current phase of the covid pandemic, all children must attend school.

However, guidance for September 2021 onwards directs that, in order to prevent the spread of covid-19:

  • Children should not attend school if they have any of the symptoms of covid-19 or if they have a positive lateral flow device test. They should self-isolate and get a confirmatory polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.

    • If the test result is negative and they feel well, your child may return to school.

    • If the test result is positive, your child should remain at home for the full 10 days and you should inform the school office.

What about close contacts?

Children no longer have to self-isolate if they are considered a close contact of a confirmed case. This includes if a family member tests positive or develops symptoms of covid-19. Children deemed a close contact should instead get a PCR test, and should only self-isolate if the result is positive.

Authorised Absence

An absence is authorised when a child is absent from school for a reason such as illness, or for an educational visit or sporting activity which has been authorised by the school.

In all instances, a Request for Exceptional Leave of Absence form must be completed, stating the reason for absence with an explanation and attaching any supporting documentation of why the absence is being requested during term time rather than during the school holidays.

Download the Leave of Absence form here

Unauthorised Absence

Occurs when the parent or guardian has not informed the school in writing of the reason for absence, or when the child arrives late after the register has closed. This applies to both morning and afternoon sessions. If a child's attendance falls below a good level, sickness absence may be unauthorised without appropriate medical evidence.

Good attendance and punctuality are important life skills and we expect parents and carers to ensure that their children are on time and do not have time off school unless absolutely necessary.

We do not authorise holidays during term time.

CONTACT PAGE - Please call us on the first and any subsequent days of a child's absence due to illness.

EMAIL US - if you need to provide us with more information about a child's absence, or if you are concerned about their punctuality affecting their attendance