Spirit of the Wild Animals

On Thursday The 1st of July, we were lucky enough to have ‘Spirit of the Wild’ animal workshop come to visit our school. It was really fun because we learned lots of new facts and met many incredible creatures including birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and mammals. I was picked to hold ‘Dude’, the rainforest gecko. He was about 15cm long, with a sandy, patterned back and his little feet felt sticky on my hands.  He was awesome! My favourite animal was the golden eagle, who was called ‘Morpheus.’ It was amazing to learn about (and see!) his 3 eyelids - the third one he could still see through and is to protect his eyes when he dives. Amazingly, he could also spot a rabbit from 3 miles away! Wow!  I will never forget this stunning experience. 

Olly - Year 6 

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Ava: "We all loved this fun-filled workshop full of beautiful animals."


Lilly:  "All of the animals, even the tarantula, were really cute!"


Jan:  "All the creatures were fascinating."

AND last but not least, 6FH!

Douglas: "Ben and Hannah were really welcoming and explained all about how the animals have adapted to their habitats and gave us lots of interesting facts."


Theo: "It was interesting to learn about endangered species and see them for the first time. For example the golden eagle, which Ben thinks could be the only one in the world that is allowed in schools."


Leo: "I liked the bull-frog because it was chubby."