Behaviour Competition

We are proud to have introduced our new Behaviour Expectations this term and are delighted to see how the children are responding to them and to our commitment to recognise positive behaviour, whether it has been through ClassDojo, Star of the Week or just a simple ‘thank you’ for a kind action such as holding the door open.

As a school, we are honest and respectful, we use kind words and actions, and we learn and let others learn. 

One of the ways the children have been responding to these in recent weeks is with a poster competition. We had many amazing responses, and have created a gallery of all entries outside our school hall, so that some of our best entries are visible to the whole school.

It is always a challenge to choose the winning entrants, and we had such a variety which included powerful messages, extremely impressive artwork (well done to Kamilla in 6FR) and a lovely entry which had translated the phrase Be kind into a number of different languages (thanks to Summer in 6FR for that entry). In the end, we decided to choose one winner from each year group:

In year 3, well done to Jack (3L), whose effort stood for the sheer joy and colour that it contained. Consistently learning and letting others learn feels worthy of balloons!

Our year 4 winner is Lucy (4ME) who presented the behaviour expectations so beautifully, with stars and hearts lighting up the positive message our behaviour expectations bring.

The honour in Year 5 went to a joint entry, from Evie and Marie (5P). This entry not only because of the way the behaviour expectations were so beautifully presented, inside a heart, but a lovely reference to our school vision, Life in all its fullness, was included too. Inspiring!

And finally, our Year 6 winner was Molly (6P). Not only are Kind words & kind actions so incredibly important to us, and this poster displayed that message quite wonderfully, but we loved the inclusion of kind words as part of the poster (Thank you; Please; I’m proud of you; I’m here for you; You’re amazing).