We believe school clubs to be a crucial part of children's learning and development and encourage all our children to attend at least one club, whether in school or in the community.

School-led clubs can be booked via ParentPay at the start of each term, and clubs led by external providers are booked directly with the provider. If you have any queries about booking, please contact the school office.

Bookings for School Led clubs in the Summer term are open from Monday 25th March at 10:30am.

For most of the year, walking home passes can be used after clubs. However, due to fading light during winter (between the October and February half-term), children must be collected from clubs by an adult.

SJB Clubs SUMMER Timetable - 2024 - Sheet1 (2).pdf
SJB Clubs SUMMER Timetable - 2024 - Sheet1 (3).pdf

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SJB KCH Summer24.pdf
St John Baptist_Summer_Little Architect_SJBJS-SU01_Poster.pdf
St John Baptist_Summer_STEM Maker_SJBJS-SU02_Poster.pdf
SJB SUMMER Tennis course 2024.docx.pdf
Wakamatsu Soroban (Maths) Club - Summer 2024.pdf